Pink Fridays 004: Pink Sleepwear

Isabelles’ Sleepwear…

As I browsed old pictures to look for something pink which I thought we have a lot but I just don’t knew now I felt like we don’t have that much…I saw these three beautiful sleepwear that I bought here last year. Isabelle’s still using it and she loves it. First sleepwear was green but have print of PINK hearts and “I love my world” design, while the middle one is pretty obvious its pink saying “It’s Pasture Bedtime!” while the last was really pink with that small note saying, “Daddy’s Silly Girl!” Lol. Its a 3-piece sleepwear—pants, shirt and comes with a matching short. What you think about it, isn’t it cute?! Little girls will sure love things like this and I am happy Isabelle likes it very much and pretty happy wearing it at night!

Until next Pink Friday…have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. with sleepwears like that sarap tulog ng mga babies mo:)
    mine’s here:http://www.fashionexplorer.net/2011/03/12/pink-friday-pink-wearable-electric-blanket/

  2. Great choice girl
    Mine is here

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    {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;
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    font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    <a href=”http://www.mydailymumbles.com/2011/03/pink-fridays-pink-hats.html”>My Daily Mumbles</a>

  3. Those are beautiful sleepwear. visiting you back and tnx for your nice comment on my pink post.

  4. Those sleepwear are cuties. Let me have that one for Kate, please? hehehe! 

    Belated Pink Friday :D

  5. wow! love it!

    thanks for dropping n commenting mommy..i’ll add you on my friendslist…hope you’ll do the same.. see you around!

  6. I love all the sleepwear, although I am not fan of pink, it’s super cute.. thanks for the visit, I am here thru TBE as well.

  7. yeah thats cute and looks comfy too
    visited thru PF

    <a href=”http://fromwalatookay.blogspot.com/”>From wala to okay</a>
    <a href=”http://raketermama.blogspot.com/”>Raketer Mama</a>

  8. SOOOOOO CUTE PFJs. well, it’s pink!! ;) awesome

  9. beautiful i’m sure presko pagtulog nila because of that thanks for the visit :)

  10. genefaith, anne, clavs, liz, air, caroline, mona –> thanks ladies for all your lovely comments! very much appreciated. visited you all already. :)

    tejan: added you on my links, pls. do check Tejan – Me and My Meztizas…:) thanks for adding me! :)

    grace: sure, let me know how! :) thanks for dropping by!


  11. soooooo cutie lil sleepwears. :)…
    thanks for the constant visit  too mommy. :) I truly appreciate it.

  12. Those are cute pjs!!

  13. how i wish that i have a girlie too! ganda naman ng sleep wear :)

    thanks for visiting me at http://www.notepadcorner.com sis. i followed you thru networked blogs too :)

    more chika in facebook ahihi

  14. Hi nice one…

  15. ang ku-cuuuttee!!!

  16. These are all cute pair of nigh wear
    <a href=”http://family-lifeonline.com/”>My Pink Entry</a>

  17. awww..very cute and pink comfy sleepwear for little kiddos! thanks for the visit. :)

  18. Awww, so cute naman nyan sis! :)
    Happy PF! :)
    Here are my Pink entries:

  19. ang naman,  addict ako sa sleepwear kaso lang ito di kasya sa akin.ehehe
    happy blogging! :-)

  20. cutiechirp says:

    thanks for all 18 pink posts visits, very much appreciated! visited you all, done with 73 entries. yehey! :)  see you next Friday! *hugs*

  21. i love the last pair though, it is cute…

    visiting from PF!

  22. Very Cute!

  23. nice sleepware for kids…surely your kids love it!
    thanks for the comment…
    following you hope you’ll follow me back

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