Halloween Printables…

I am way too late for this to share but would like to acknowledge all the sites where I got those free printable that I used last Halloween…

For the party favors that CJ and Isabelle brought to school, I got the printable Trick or Treat Tags here…I love to check Bird’s Party Blog from time to time and its always great to see some beautiful free printable from her site. Maybe I am her number 1 fan here in Bangkok, hehehe! I stick it on top of the round aluminum container that I used for the party favor and added a little orange ribbon. The small container contains gummy fangs, worms, pumpkin marshmallows, little pretzels,

Then those printable that I used during our Mini-Halloween Party at Home, I got it from Party Planning Center here. I got the Free Printable Bat Banners from here, while I got the Halloween Cupcake Topper Decoration here although I didn’t used it in cupcake. And you can fine here the Goody Bag Labels that I used as food and soda labels.

By the way, I got the idea of soda names from {cm2} blog, they even have their own printable for soda labels but I just run out of time for that, maybe next time I will use it.

I am always thankful for bloggers who never get tired of sharing their talent to someone like me. And its always great to find their site! So, I am sharing this to you and please visit their site…who knows you might be needing it for future parties.

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  1. i hope u dont mind sis. i just comment here because the comment section of the link in the thread is close.
    anyway.. those containers are really cute! very creative too. i bet the kids love them, specially whats inside. =)

  2. You’re really coming along as a party planner. Ang galing! I envy your patience. I am sure the kids appreciate what you do for them :)

  3. very nice halloween! should visit and knock your house on november and do treats and tricking since will be in bangkok for two weeks!

  4. You are very creative sis, I don’t have that skill lol.

  5. This is a good idea for this coming halloween.I always like to do some crafts with daughter.

  6. wow Halloween is slowly creeping already and I’m sure mommies are excited for this occasion. I love ur idea of these printable, making it more fun!

  7. Isn’t orange a nice color? That’s a very nice choice for a favor sis! You are very creative, too! :)

  8. You have done your best for your Halloween Party event. Perhaps, you can again use those printable for Halloween is just around the corner. Feeling matipid lang ang peg ko.

  9. You’re creative as ever Che! :)

  10. You have always been very creative, Che! I so love the choice of color. It’s so bright and colorful! I admire your rare gift, Che! Hands down!

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