Drinks with Ruthie…

Ruth is a friend back in Philippines and after long years, we saw each other again last October 2011 (long overdue…)! Anyway, we decided to meet at Emporium, we had dinner with my family at Kalpapruek Restaurant and then K allowed me to still go out with her and he  goes with the kids back home, lucky me?! Thanks K…

So, we walked around Middle Sukhumvit Area looking for Starbucks but we ended up going back to her hotel, she stayed at Four Seasons Hotel – Bangkok and we had some drinks at Aqua…

Aqua is an open-air dining and cocktail lounge that features home furnishings in a garden setting located in Parichart Court, Lobby Lounge of Four Seasons Hotel – Bangkok. Ideal for rendezvous spot or just having quiet time and long talks with friends. And we got these drinks…

Margarita Lychee for Ruth

Mocktail drinks for me…

I forgot what my drink is but I am sure it is one of the mocktails in their menu…its been 4 months since we met, so excuse me for being forgetful. And after talking for hours, we went for a walked around Amarin and ended up having coffee at McDo Cafe…it was a great night and I am so happy to see her again. Looking forward to see her more since she travels here often…


Its a great day today and happy to meet a blogger friend and the host of this meme, thanks so much sis for finally we met and nice to meet your husband Joey and your little boy Roi. Also lovely to meet  and to be introduced to your friend Lalaine and her family. We had great morning, my little Isabelle enjoyed being with the kids and we had a good lunch with you guys! Until next time, hoping its not the first and last. Thanks again for a lovely day…


Linking this post with Wednesday Whites hosted by Ms. Raya…

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. wow u guys sounds like u had a great time! i miss going with friends like that. =)

    visiting whites! here are my entries

    Little Creek and
    Cat House

  2. Nice reunion and caching up! Your drinks look so quenching! :)

    Visiting for Wednesday Whites!

    Spatula Set
    One Year Ago Snaps
    Tulips Too White

  3. Cool drinks.. I like the margarita..

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can stop by:)


  4. awww! what a wonderful time to catch up with an old friend, refreshing drinks too :-) Visiting back this time from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.


  5. aww sis sorry for the late visit!! I am so happy to finally meet you too.. ’til next time! thanks for joining Wednesday Whites! I am so happy K let you hang out with friends. It’s so nice of him!

    • no worries…yes he does! so just let me know again if you’re ready to go out…need ko lang magpaalam, a day before at least kasi baka he has plans din! hehehe! :)

  6. Isn’t that awesome to meet-up with old friends and do eyeball with virtual friends? I have only met two blogger friends ever, I hope to meet some more in person. It should be fun and awesome! :D

  7. Blogger friends can transcend into real friends, right Che? :)
    I am glad to have met you in the blogosphere and in person.

  8. I can feel your excitement meeting your fiend! :) It is amazing how the internet could bring us close to people of the same interest and that multiplies the fun! hmmm would love to be sitting there with you talking about the good life :) have a lovely day :)

  9. time spent with friends always seem short, and priceless. those drinks look very refreshing. oh, and it is very exciting to meet a blogger friend in person too.

  10. it’s always exciting and fun to meet blogger friends in person and to catch up with them with few drinks and a lot of chit chat..

  11. I can relate to this one. Meeting blogger friends in particular is a new stuff for me. And the first time I have one, SUPER! Di ba ang saya-saya.

  12. What is in a mocktail sis? I am so ignorant when it comes to cocktail stuff hahha. You both look gorgeous!

  13. I also had this friends that I haven’t seen for months already and the sad thing is we’re just 1 hour ride apart. Haha We are so busy with our lives but I’m hoping to catch up with her soon.

  14. I wanted to try that mocktail! :D

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