Dinner Time…

…last Father’s Day was like our normal Sunday dinner at home except for the cake and picture taking, hehehe!

Anyway, I prepared some easy meal for all of us…Dad had tomato pesto pasta salad while we had the spaghetti then I bake vanilla moist cake with chocolate frosting.

tomato pesto pasta salad for Daddy…


vanilla moist cake with chocolate frosting…

Here’s us enjoying the dinner…

Daddy with the kids…

our family…

and of course, our Daddy, himself..


If you missed my breakfast post last Father’s Day, you can go here and you can see there where I got those cupcake/cake toppers.And I’m linking this post to Thursday Brownies hosted by Mommy G…(I hope this qualifies for this week Thursday Brownies because of the cake and our table.)*smile*

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  1. ang cute ng smile ni isabelle. belated happy father’s day to K!ND

  2. wow what a yummy looking dinner! i love that choco cake… i am drooling now! hope you could come by visit  http://www.eatdrinkblog.info/cappuccino-trip/

  3. Fabulous celebration sis, your kids are gorgeous.  Mine is about FD too lol.

    <a href=”http://www.spice-up-your-life.net/2011/06/fathers-day-dinner-2011-p365-172.html”>Thursday Brownies</a> at my page.

  4. now  i’m craving for chocos :)

  5. Yummy food! Looks like you all enjoyed Father’s Day!

  6. Belated happy father’s day to your husband, Sis!
    U cook so good. I can smell the taste. yummm and can i have a slice of that cake? paste it on your nexzt postcard. heheehe
    happy weekend sis and my brown is now up. :)

  7. bongga ka talaga sis….belated happy father’s day kay hubs mo!

  8. what a delicious way to celebrate Father’s Day.:p  great spread.

  9. Sis I truly salute your skills in the kitchen, you can be a caterer by yourself!

    Thanks for joining in!

  10. yay, the vanilla cake sure looks too tempting. woot for ur personal touches on such a grand event

  11. all looks good and seems everybody had fun…

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