Egg Painting…

Yes, I am still posting about our Easter Celebration…if you’ve been here then maybe you’re tired reading about it here and here and here already, but oh, well…spare some time and look at the pictures of my two beautiful kids if no time to read, hehehe! Promise, it will be appreciated…thank you!

Anyway, our first activity last Easter Sunday was egg painting. I just boiled chicken eggs and let the kids paint it, and here are the pictures…

boiled eggs…

happy kids…

Kuya CJ…


painting, painting and painting…


CJ’s work…

Well, the paint that I got wasn’t not the right one for this I think, we used Crayola Washable Paints…next time, I knew better. But still what great is, they enjoyed it. And here’s what they did…painted eggs!



Yeah, you might be wondering the egg in the middle inside the pot, they did that at Fun Arts at K Village a day before Easter…

Next year, I will dye it first…and get better paints for them to enjoy it more! What important then was they had a great time doing it. And we are happy to see them having fun!


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Have a great week, everyone!

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Chocolates, Paper Eggs and Rabbit Toys…

…these three were around our house last Easter, April 8, 2012 and kids enjoyed having them around!

We got the rabbits on our first trip to Ikea…the nest on the other trips and the paper eggs also from Ikea on my recent trip to the store!

I got these Kinder friends chocolate when I did my visa run to Cambodia last April 6, got it at Suvarnabhumi Airport…I just thought it will be perfect to be put inside the paper eggs!

Then I got these chocolate eggs at Ikea, got it same time I got those huge paper eggs…we used these chocolate eggs for egg hunting within our house!

So, I put those Kinder friends chocolates inside the huge paper eggs. I got those nest basket at Japanese Store here in Bangkok, a day before Easter! We gave it to them after the egg hunt, its a huge prize from Mommy and Daddy…

yellow and green (I used the orange for the centerpiece decoration.)

…and believe me or not,those chocolates in each paper eggs were equally distributed, I count it while eating some during the preparation, hehehe.

The centerpiece on our center table look like these but with Isabelle’s talent, sometimes its re-arranged…the orange paper egg, pinwheels, Isabelle’s plant, and the eggs in the pot they got from Fun Arts a day before Easter.

Lastly but not the least, I got these crepe paper from a bookstore…yellow, orange and green, my favorite Easter color. I put in on the tv area, and it serves as a photo wall…

…and, oh, I got that Easter Subway Art from eighteen25 (thanks so much, dear!) while the two patterned paper are  included in the Easter Printable Package I bought a year ago from Bird’s Party.

Anyway, I love preparing something for the kids that they can remember when they get big, this year might not be as prepared as last Easter 2011 but I still tried this year. K’s at the field on week before Easter then I got busy with my visa run to Cambodia, Friday before Easter. So, I got some stuff needed last minute, printed all the printables a day before and things like that! Also, the pieces I got are all affordable and re-usable, just like the basket…can be a bread basket or snacks basket, infact I already used it as that when we got visitors last Friday, just put paper doily to look more nice! Affordable because we got those rabbits at 50% off, I got the nest for 10 baht, nest basket cost 60 baht, paper eggs and egg chocolates come together and you’ll be saving some, and the rest will not cost much! How about you, do you love to prepare something like this? Let me know…

So, these are the stuff around our house last Easter…will be sharing next the kids egg hunt and they had so much fun! Then our Easter sweet table and egg painting at home!


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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Assorted Canapes…

Last February, Bangkok had its Bangkok Sister Cities 2012…and one of the sister cities is Denmark, so we was able to taste some great Danish food and cakes, lucky we don’t need to travel there just to get a taste of it. *smile*

Anyway, lots of booths around Benjasiri Park but here’s K and kids at the Denmark Booth…they are selling organic skincare products from Urtekram, Danish Cakes from Fyn Bakery and Danish food from Admiral Hotel (I forgot the complete name, poor me!)…

I got Smorrebrod or Danish Open Sandwiches, can also be called Canape…it is small pieces of bread that are topped with savory and decoratively garnish with various ingredients. Can be served hot or cold, and it can be simple or more elaborate. Canapes are usually served as an appetizer with cocktails, or as a substantial lunch or a light dinner, or it can be part of smorgasbord buffet.

Above picture is what we got on the weekend that the family went to see around, we ate it at the park. Below picture is what I got Friday afternoon when I was out with Isabelle, I broght it home so CJ can have some too. But we never knew then that there’s an activity going on. Just lucky we went to park and saw it. I never had second thought of buying a set because I tasted it before from ScanDeli Restaurant and its delicious.

And here’s CJ enjoying his hot dog sandwich with remoulade…

All of us enjoyed our open sandwiches…we love it. And I miss having one!


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Last Easter…

Yes, its been a year since I prepared Simple Easter Celebration at Home and Egg Hunting for the kids…so, if you’ve been here then, you’ve probably saw how I did it. But for new ones, just like to share how few things look like then. And I originally posted this at Easter at Home wherein you can also see links of those talented bloggers whom I got the idea and free printables…that might help you with your preparation!

To start with, here’s the sweet table, our dining table and at the console table…

I also baked this cake, just a simple carrot cake topped with smarties…

And the kids during and after the egg hunt just around our house…

And last but not the least, Mommy and Daddy rabbits plus the little bunnies…

Our Easter morning and lunch then was a great one, then our Easter Day wasn’t over yet, we went to Great Aussie BBQ that was held at Hotel Cambodiana that I posted here…were CJ and Isabelle enjoyed the swim we had, egg hunting, holding real rabbits and chicks, playing around, balloon twisting, face painting and just getting wet…and we all had great time having BBQs.

All this happened last year when we are still living in Phnom Penh, I kept all those printables so I can used it again but sadly, I can’t this time…it is still in container. Its a busy week for us, K’s in the field having some seminars at the Thai-Burma Border then on Friday I will be doing my visa run!

But I am sure Saturday will be fun for kids because we will be going again to Fun Arts in K Village wherein they will do egg painting.

I havn’t done anything yet, might do last minute preparation on Saturday. Still I wish I can do this again…will see! Of course, I will let you know! Promise!

Well, I am wishing all of you a blessed Easter…*smile*


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Boiled Salted Duck Egg…

…or known for Filipino as “itlog na maalat” o “itlog na pula” for its dyed red to distinguish it from other fresh duck eggs. The process might be long but it is a Chinese preserved food product made by soaking eggs in brine or packing each egg in damp, salted charcoal.

I sometimes ignore this when I was in Philippines but when we still live in Phnom Penh finding it makes me happy. But when we moved here in Bangkok, I wasn’t able to find one, maybe I am not searching that seriously. So, when we went to Philippines for holiday last December, I even requested to my mum to buy some. Well, its been long time since I last ate a boiled salted duck egg, so when I spotted it at the grocery last Sunday,  I am like a happy little girl with a big smile…

Just perfect, the way I like it…it is normally boiled or steamed before peeled and eaten. The egg white has a sharp salty taste while the orange red yolk is rich, fatty and less salty. Sometimes it is served as condiment in a congee, or cooked with other foods as flavoring. I want it mixed with small slices of tomato and its ready…I had it for lunch yesterday! Oh, just yummy…

How about you, are you eating it? If yes, do you also mixed it with tomato? Let me know, and thanks for coming!


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AISB’s Readathon 8

Last month we got a letter from CJ’s school about Readathon 8 and asking us if we will allow CJ to join the school’s activity. And without questions asks, we let CJ joined. He is a reader, he loves to read and he will have great time doing it! Plus, I think he will do great with it and raised good money for their school beneficiary.

A week after, he brought home this Readathon 8 Pack for 2012 and he started reading last Monday March 5…

The kits includes a Points Booklet were they will record the book they are reading and its corresponding points, Book Report were they will make a complete book report for each book that they will read (so, its not just reading…they need to understand it, too!) and a Sponsor Sheet to record the sponsors. So, every time they read a book, they have to write it down!

Sponsoring for Readathon 8 can be done in two ways: a sponsored amount per book read, or a donation to go towards the Readathon 8 Charity. Kids needs to be creative in seeking out sponsors—it could be friends, neighbors, local business people and even family members back home! Possibilities are endless…

And here’s the list of books and points he got for reading a total of 9 books from March 5-9, 2012…its a lot already.

Australian International School Bangkok (AISB) also arranged some activities to support Readathon 8 such as:

  • Visiting a library, yes they will be going to Neilson Hays Library—CJ’s scheduled on March 20…
  • DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) that will happen every day this week that once per day the bell will ring and kids will stop what they are doing to start reading…
  • Dress-up Parade, it will happen on 23rd of March were kids will be asks to dress up as their favourite literary character and come along to the parade to show off their great costumes and they will be talking about the book that they have come from.

CJ’s reading earnestly to get more Readathon points and according to him he is leading with the total number of points. Thanks to CJ’s teacher Ms. Jackie and Ms. Rini’s because one way or another, I knew they are really big help in his reading. Two more weeks and I will keep you posted how everything’s going about the Readathon and the number of books he read as well as the amount collected and his sponsors. It will end on March 23 were kids will return the kit and the collected money back to their teacher.

Anyway, Bandicoots class (CJ’s section) collected money will be donated entirely to The Human Development Foundation (HDF)- Mercy Center  who work to help the children and communities of many slums in Bangkok. Together with their neighbors in the slums the create simple but progressive solutions that touch the lives of thousands of the poor every day. They build and operate schools, improve family health and welfare, protect street children’s rights, combat the AIDS crisis, respond to daily emergencies, and offer shelter to orphans, to street children, and to children and adults with AIDS. (Information is from AISB’s letter.)

Well, goodluck CJ, we know you’ll do great and if you like to sponsor (seriously), just let me know and I am sure you’ll make CJ very happy! Thank you in advance…


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Happy Reading, everyone!

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Back to Baking…

When we are looking for a new place, one of the things that add points to it is the kitchen and having an oven adds-up more! And I am so happy when we moved to our new place because it comes with an oven, which means I can bake anytime I want, although our conventional oven is on the way (still in container somewhere) but I can’t wait. Just like what I’ve said that I miss doing it, I really do although I am a newbie but I find baking fun…

Finally, last Monday night…I was able to bake a cake…a “rainbow cake” with only 4 colors, for I only found 4 different food coloring at the grocery store nearest to our place. I got orange, yellow, green and pink. Well, having kids around…they also helped me, its fun!

And here’s a yellow one waiting for its turned to be baked while the orange one is inside already! Yes, can put them all together but since I only have one baking pan (infact, its a cheap one…our things are still in container), I have to do it one by one but definitely you’ll be saving a lot of time and less power consumption if baking it all together.

After all the waiting…here’s the finished product without frosting yet. Lovely colors, isn’t it?

Since this cake is for a 9th birthday of my friend’s daughter Zhongyao who happened to be CJ’s classmate and walking buddy…and she bought this cake to school, I also got her a “Happy Birthday” candles in pink, color confetti to sprinkle around the cake and a cake knife.

Lastly, the finished product: my first baked after more than 6months…and made me happy with the outcome, I thought I forgot to do it already but well, I think I am pretty back!

What you think? I posted it on my Facebook profile and its getting a lot of likes and comments, thanks to all of you who appreciated it. Inspires me more to do some more and keep learning…because I am still a newbie!

But anyway, here’s my first try with a rainbow cake last year, its the cake that I baked for Isabelle’s second birthday.

Hope this post will inspire you also to bake more or start baking…oh, yes, feel free to get a slice or two–its for you!


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Have a great week, everyone!

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All Bags Are Packed…

…and we are ready to go! Well, at least this time we are not moving from one country to another but just from one little room to a bigger one that we can call our home here in Bangkok! I am so looking forward for it!

Everyone knew me personally knows how excited I am last Thursday but before sharing with you our current apartment. Let me share first how much things we accumulate for the past 6 months living in a little room. Well, don’t get me wrong, we love it—great owners and staff, which we really need for a new comer, they really helped us a lot with things we don’t know about Bangkok! Baan Sukhumvit Soi 20 will always be special to us.

Anyway, here we are when we first arrived in Bangkok August 2010…these are the things we have then!

And here’s our things when we are about to leave Baan Sukhumvit last Thursday…

Ok, for more closer look, here they are…huh, I just can’t imagine how we managed to get those stuff.

And believe it or not, we have a lot more things coming in few weeks, our things from Phnom Penh, Cambodia which has been stored in Asian Tigers storage was about to come, and its one huge container…waahhh. We need to really get organized with these things we have right now!

Lastly, sharing Isabelle in her new bed/room…does she look like sick? Well, she was sick when this was taken, morning before we moved she got fever and vomiting. But thanks God, she’s better now, taking antibiotics still but fever’s now gone! Thanks for everyone who wishes her well, very much appreciated!

Anyway, our moved went so smooth, thanks God…we was able to sleep all well on our first night even Isabelle. We are enjoying and loving our new place, I will tell more about it later! Oh, before I forgot…I am, we are thankful to Fon of Home Connect – Thailand (Asian Tigers) for being our agent and helped us a lot. Without her, it won’t be that easy…or will not be the same great service they gave to us! Thanks mucho Fon…hugs!


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Have a great week, everyone!

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What can you say?

Getting bored while waiting, two hour’s not a joke but yes, since I am excited to see them, I just kept myself busy by looking around, people watching and dog watching until I saw this one…she’s still shy to look at me?

Well, she doesn’t know I am taking pictures…I saw this colorful dog while waiting for my high school friends last January 6. She’s out with her “parents” and another perhaps brother! They are having dinner at Serendra in Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Finally, there she is…and she’s wearing a sunnies at night, maybe she has sore eyes? Lol. Well, she kept me busy during those waiting time since I was watching her as other people come close to her and took pictures! Owners, pretty great…they let people took pictures of her! They are proud parents, I guess!

Anyway, how about you, what can you say?! She’s one colorful, lovely and cool girl, isn’t it?

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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American Breakfast…

…in a German Restaurant named Old German Beerhouse at Soi 11 last Saturday was a good start for our busy weekend!

American Breakfast: toast with butter, cornflakes, fried egg, bacon, and German fried potatoes with onions and bacon bits; served with coffee and orange juice! It only cost 99 baht…

Three of us ordered the same, so Daddy got 3 coffees…Isabelle just ate cornflakes and some of potatoes! Here’s our happy kids with their thumbs-up sign…

And this how our Saturday started…a yummy breakfast in a cozy and friendly place! Then we headed for a walked around Soi Arab and Nana area! Our next stopped was another pub, Soi 8 Pub, to have some drinks—after long walks! But it was great morning…

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone! :)

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