Building Beakers…


Everytime I go out, I always have something for the kids…it doesn’t mean big and expensive all the time, they always appreciate small things such as toys or art stuff, books, foods or even flowers that I can pick along the way! Yes, as long as I have something to give, they will be happy!

Anyway, in my few trips to IKEA, I always get something for Isabelle and one of those is the Building Beaker design by K and M Hagberg and from MULA series of toys for children. It is  comprises of 7 beakers with different patterns and designs, made polypropylene plastic and synthetic rubber.

Makes play easy to vary; build, do a puzzle, scoop water or  bake sand cakes. It develops fine motor skills and logical thinking. Its 34 cm in height with a diameter of 9cm. Also it is durable plastic and easy to clean with water.  Recommended for 6months up. Most of all it only cost THB 60.00!

And here’s the little owner of the building beaker, meet my little princess…Isabelle!

I think she’s holding my IKEA Family Card here…

so lovely…

I am just so happy, lucky and blessed to have beautiful kids that appreciates even the smallest and cheapest thing I gave/made/did for them…and they always makes me happy with those hugs and kisses plus some sweet words. With this building beaker, Isabelle says this as she always does to whatever stuff I get for her: “Thank you Mommy for buying me this. I love you.” that comes with lots of hugs and kisses. So, I have all this reason to be happy having them…thanks God for these two lovely kids!

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