Egg Hunting…


…in the comfort of our home last Easter Sunday was fun! Easter Bunny came and left a lot of chocolate eggs for the kids together with the instructions that Daddy read to the kids! Lol. And to make their searched easier, Easter Bunny let some ribbon trails that they can follow and its a sign that there’s something inside…such a kind Easter Bunny, made my kids life easier. Hehehe!

Anyway, here are the pictures and its a lot, so please bear with me! I hope you will enjoy it…


Showing the goodies that they got!

With their big happy smile…

Egg hunting bring smiles to them, joy and the excitement of finding one eggs from one place to another. At some point it also show how good Kuya, CJ is by helping Isabelle…and how sweet she is by telling Kuya also that she saw the green ribbon at some place. Nice to know that they are helping each other this early. I just hope that they can bring that good deeds as they grow older. Then after the egg hunting…Daddy let them watched a movie about Easter that he downloaded earlier!

After the movie, we all enjoyed the simple “sweet table” that I prepared, which I will sharing on my next post! Tons of pictures here already…hehehe!

How we prepared it? Well, its just the morning of Easter when they are having a bubble bath while they are busy splashing water and playing with the bubbles…K and I were busy putting all the ribbons and chocolate eggs around the house! And this is the second time we are doing it for the kids! We did it last year in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

In the end, they both love it…Isabelle even asks for more, hehehe, we just told her that those are the only eggs Easter Bunny left. But we told her that next year, Easter Bunny will come again and hide some chocolate eggs or chicken eggs around (that’s what we used last year) our house! And she’s so happy with that, she’s jumping for joy!