Too many to share…

…too many things that are running on my mind but for some reason, just can’t find time to write about it. Or I am just being lazy?

I love writing though I am not that good with it, I still have wrong grammar and spelling but well, bear with me but I am learning, I hope…hehehe!

Anyway, a friend told me that I’ve been more active on my Instagram account than updating my blog, if you’re following me there, you knew what I mean. But what she said is true…with there, I can easily post a picture of us and give a line or two about it. I wish that it is easy like that here…hahaha! Anyway, I hope to get back into blogging and updating my blogs…

For now, kids and I been everywhere, we’re trying to keep ourselves busy by going around places and exploring places for kids even before we leave Bangkok, which we can never tell when. So, here’s few of the places we been going around lately.

Kidzania (Siam Paragon) Newest Edutainment in Bangkok.

IMG_3125Kidzoona (Gateway, Ekkamai)


Funarium (Sukhumvit Soi 26)


Ice skating  at Sub Zero (every Friday afternoon)


…and a lot more for kids entertainment, we event went to Thailand Children’s Day and Japanese Children’s Day!

My kids and I were also able to see some famous temples in Bangkok like The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha; Wat Saket (Golden Mount) and Wat Pho. Even traveling up to Ayutthaya for a day and getting a tuk-tuk tour around the city and sunset boat tour, that ends with having a dinner at the market area for some delicious Thai foods. I also able to go up to the top of Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). We also went to see Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi Province and experienced riding a long-tailed boat.


We also went to the beach one weekend and enjoyed Birds and Bees Resort as well as the Huay Kwang Beach in Pattaya.



Too many occasions to share like celebrating our second Songkran, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentines, International New Year, Chinese New Year and Thai New Year (lucky, ha, we have three new years here in Thailand). Plus lots of restaurants and places that with been too, I wish I could write them all. And those trips of us to fairs, exhibits and shows, still waiting to be shared.

I also love to share our experienced in the largest floating library that visited Bangkok Klongtoey Port, lucky that we were able to see Logos Hope…which as of this writing is in HongKong.


Believe me because of my laziness, I still havn’t post about my son’s 10th Birthday Party with a theme of Space Rocket, which deserved to be shared.

On the other hand, CJ was doing great in school, was able to get Director’s Award on 1st term, 4 various awards last term and 3rd term is about to end middle next month. He was also doing great with reading, he joined Readathon again and did great. He is now in Level Z, the last one for primary years but he is only in Year 4…he is ahead with it, he loves to read. Aside from violin, he also learning recorder and some Thai musical instrument. He is doing great with his swimming lessons too, he just tried surfing last weekend. He also performed as a lead character in the school show last December that gets lots of compliments. CJ’s growing to be such a young gentleman and can be independent, too. He is also such a great help at home and always been such a sweet boy, still kisses me goodnight and before going to school as well as coming back. He is such a great brother to Isabelle.

And Isabelle’s enjoying going to playgroups and ballet lessons, as well as enjoying making arts and crafts…she changed a lot since we moved here and growing so fast. But no matter what, she will always be my baby! We do have a lot of time together, we are buddies: shopping, eating, named it…we are inseparable! She still such a sweetie, she loves to cuddles and she always like to help, very friendly too! She’s just amazing and never failed to surprise me! She smart and knew a lot of things, believe me, she can sing so many nursery rhymes that some I don’t know, she even knew one French song, which I thought Japanese but when a friend who speak French heard it, she said its French. Oh, well, she likes to learn everything, she’s trying to speak Filipino too. No matter what, we just here to love and support her. She just turned 4 yesterday and coming up soon is her Fairy Party which keeping me busy, I hope I can share it with you to.

Nevertheless, I thank you for still finding time to come over here and on my other blog, its all appreciated. I need some Pixie Dust for now…to write this all and show you how we are here in Bangkok. And to share more about Bangkok, life here like schools, visa, people and the language. I am still studying to learn Thai language, which I am not into it…and next Tuesday, I will have my interview in their language with the Ministry of Education staff  for me to renew my visa for another year, I need all the luck, wishes and prayers for it.

Anyway, Bangkok is such a lovely city and I want to show it to you…I will be back writing, thanks to my friend who told me, Just Do it…and yes, I will. I need more push maybe…hahaha!


McDonald’s Delivery

McDelivery is one of my favorite here in Bangkok because of faster transaction with them (based on my experienced), no minimum order needed, 24-hours delivery service, and most of all their call agent can speak English that I can understand, their delivery crews knew their way around and arrives on time sometimes earlier…oh, well, these are few of the reasons. I find it really easy to order with them. Do I sounds like I’m lovin’ them? Hahaha! Here are some of our McDelivery orders.

IMG_1299 ********






Did you notice something? Well, our orders are always the same, just sometimes more chicken or spicy McWings and have pies or McFlurry or no desserts! Just one wish though, I hope they served rice with McChicken, that they also have gravy and if it is not too much to asks I hope they have McSpaghetti here too! Do I sound like missing McDonald’s Philippines here?!

Anyway, our usual orders are Double Big Mac for K; Deluxe Cheeseburger for CJ and me; Happy Meal with nuggets with plum sauce, apple slices, milk chocolate and french fries for Isabelle; plus french fries, McChicken and Spicy McWings to share. Our orders always comes with a generous amount of tomato sauce and spicy sauce.

McDonald’s McDelivery will be always be one of our option when it comes to ordering foods by phone or online and I hope they will be as good as they are now, or maybe better someday! So, what are you waiting for call 1711 for McDelivery or visit their website for online delivery here…don’t forget to asks for their promos, too! Goodluck!


Isabelle and Mommy’s Time…

Isabelle and I loves to hang out together, oh, well, we are best friends as she said plus I am the best Mommy, my daughter’s word not mine, hahaha, but isn’t sweet to hear it from a three year old, I am sure it does…always melts my heart each time!

Anyway, in one of our many times together while waiting for time to pick up Kuya or if Kuya’s in a playdate…here’s what we usually does if we are out…


…a visit to the nearby park and have a play, eat together and make funny faces! Sometimes, we go shopping together, go to the bookshop, and have ice cream. These things are always precious to me! She’s my partner. Isabelle will always be my little princess fairy, haha, that’s what she wants to be called…she doesn’t want to be called baby anymore but I am insisting she is. Oh, well…she will always be my baby and I love her much like how I love CJ!


Moving to a New Unit…

We’ve been here in Bangkok for one year and seven months, for the first six months of our life here in Bangkok, we stayed in a small but lovely hotel/inn in Sukhumvit Soi 20 named Baan Sukhumvit, then we moved here in Gardengrove Suites in Sukhumvit Soi 16. Our first contract expired last February 23 and was thinking of moving to a cheaper place but luckily the owner offered us some discounts but just need to move one floor down, which we say yes.

We love our place although there are some reason not to which deserves a separate post maybe. But what made us think of moving is the cost, our electricity then in our old unit was running like 11,000 baht plus water that’s more or less 2,000 baht, in US Dollars it will be like 430.00+/- which we think is expensive! K’s workmates are only paying like a maximum 5,000 baht for both!  Plus the rent adds up too.

A month after, we are still here…we just moved one floor down, from fifth floor to fourth floor. But guess what, our rent is cheaper by 5,000 baht, with infact bigger square meter with extra study room that we’ve made as a playroom. And surprisingly, our last months electricity and water bill is only 7,556.00 baht, cheaper by more than 5,000 baht, too!  That means we are saving 10,000+/- a month.

Well, I hope we can keep our electricity and water bill low but with the feels like 40 degrees Celcius temperature everyday, I doubt.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of our new unit…


…and yes, WELCOME to our home! May God bless our home always.


Starbucks 2013 Planner…

First quarter is almost over already but I would still love to share the Starbucks Planner that was given to me last February. I am so happy to get one, really…for I love planners. It was from Starbucks Philippines, and it was given to me when they visited Bangkok last February…thank you Jenny and Aiza for giving me one, it is appreciated!


I love it, I love the colors and everything in it…I am using it every now and then! Again, thanks heaps!


National Breakfast Day…

Good morning, every one! Yes, after 2 months…I am back and will be sharing something nice today…

Did you know that today is a National Breakfast Day?! Well, in 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants across Asia, Middle East and Africa; 5,000,000,000 people will enjoy the goodness of breakfast and hopefully get started on good breakfast habit. So, its 5,000,000,000 FREE Sausage McMuffins with Egg to be served by 250,000 crews for the Nationals Breakfast Day.

And in Thailand, there will be 150,000 customers who will enjoy the FREE Sausage McMuffin with Egg…sounds great, isn’t it?


Anyway, Sausage McMuffin with Egg is made with freshly cracked eggs  cooked to sunny perfection, topped with grilled savoury sausage  and tasty cheese in a warm toasted English muffin. So, what are you waiting for…go to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. today for a FREE Sausage McMuffin with Egg.

So, what are you waiting for…celebrate National Breakfast Day with McDonald’s and it might be a good way to start a great day!


Buildings Around Us…

Some shots taken by K, when we went to our friend’s house on the 39th floor over the holiday and here are some of it. You can call it somehow as a Bangkoks’ Skyline!

These are from one side and beyond…



And on the other side, you can see the Benjakiti Park with its man-made lake and our little place in between two towering buildings: Somerset Hotel and Mayfair Garden…



But these buildings are still not enough…constructions everywhere!


 I feel so crowded seeing all these buildings around although it reminds me of Makati City, a place where I was born, grew-up and still our home every time we are in Philippines.

Luckily, there are two big parks to enjoy around our area: Benchasiri and Benjakiti Park that are both walking distance. Nevertheless, I love our current location…wherein everything is walkable such as my son’s school, mall, supermarket, restaurants, subway, skytrain, etc. Just lovely…


Merry Christmas, everyone…

Hope your holiday season is perfect in every way.





Best wishes and happiness always!

Merry Christmas again from our family to yours!


Starting an Advent Calendar Today…

Yes, you’ve read it right…we will be starting an Advent Calendar activity leading to Christmas this year, but its a modern Advent Calendar.


An Advent Calendar is a special calendar used to count the days in anticipation of Christmas and it begins on 1st of December. I was just lucky that there’s a ready-made Advent Calendar being sold in IKEA here. So, I bought one, it is made of 24 numbered drawers that you can fill small presents. One is opened every day leading up to Christmas day. The calendar drawers that I made contained some Christmas jokes that I found at Activity Village UK that comes with a note for a small present, treat or activity that they will be getting that day. Some can make it religious or secular in content. Its always great to have a good Christmas Jokes for Kids every morning. So, we starting it…


I printed each Christmas Jokes, cut them and attached a Blank Advent Notes where I wrote what’s on for the day, fold it and put it inside the small drawers.

I am sure my kids will be happy to see this tomorrow when they wake up. And yes, our tree is up…we all made it together and it was fun!


We bought a Snowy Christmas Tree design, so I added some snowflakes on the background…and as days goes by, I will add more Christmas balls.

How about you, is your tree up? Are you going to have Advent Calendars? Share it with me…


Halloween Printables…

I am way too late for this to share but would like to acknowledge all the sites where I got those free printable that I used last Halloween…

For the party favors that CJ and Isabelle brought to school, I got the printable Trick or Treat Tags here…I love to check Bird’s Party Blog from time to time and its always great to see some beautiful free printable from her site. Maybe I am her number 1 fan here in Bangkok, hehehe! I stick it on top of the round aluminum container that I used for the party favor and added a little orange ribbon. The small container contains gummy fangs, worms, pumpkin marshmallows, little pretzels,

Then those printable that I used during our Mini-Halloween Party at Home, I got it from Party Planning Center here. I got the Free Printable Bat Banners from here, while I got the Halloween Cupcake Topper Decoration here although I didn’t used it in cupcake. And you can fine here the Goody Bag Labels that I used as food and soda labels.

By the way, I got the idea of soda names from {cm2} blog, they even have their own printable for soda labels but I just run out of time for that, maybe next time I will use it.

I am always thankful for bloggers who never get tired of sharing their talent to someone like me. And its always great to find their site! So, I am sharing this to you and please visit their site…who knows you might be needing it for future parties.