Winners of My Only Radio Pinoy Music Awards 2014

My Only Radio For Life! or MOR 101.9 FM Radio Station is the official ABS-CBN FM Radio Network in the Philippines. The very first My Only Radio Pinoy Music Awards 2014 (MORPMA) had been launched just recently and the winners of this MOR Pinoy Music Awards 2014 was announced last Friday, July 11, 2014 at […]

Right Where You Belong by Julie Anne San Jose

Julie Anne Peñaflorida San Jose is a rising Filipino star who is both a Filipina Actress and one of the best OPM Singers in the Philippines. At a very young age, she had already proven herself in the Philippine Music Industry when she became a Certified 9x Platinum.  Her single album Julie Anne San Jose […]

Jessi J, Morissette Amon Sings Who You Are

Jessie J is one of the most popular English singers and songwriters after she became the very first female British artist to have 6 Top 10 Singles from her debut album.  She is also one of the most distinguished judges on The Voice UK. Last Monday, July 14, 2014 The Philippine nation was honored to […]

Basted – John Edric Ulang

Basted (Busted) is a song dedicated to all guys out there whose love has been turned down by a girl. This song is all about a guy who gave everything, which includes, his attention and giving stuffs just to get the sweetest yes from the girl she likes. Moreover, he is willing to wait for […]

Unlimited and Free – Daniel Padilla

Unlimited and Free is a song about an overflowing love that a person can give and can get. The song states what love is like and what love can make you. Since this song is all about an expression of gratitude, it simply expresses love that is unlimited and free. DANIEL PADILLA: Unlimited and Free […]

‘Tangi Kong Kailangan – Lea Salonga

Tangi Kong Kailangan is a song dedicated for all those individuals who questioned and confused about their real life story. This song is all about a child who kept on asking herself ‘Who Am I?’ and about her biological parents because she felt like don’t belong in the place where she is right now, that […]

Anak – Lani Misalucha

Anak, in english, is child. This song is dedicated to all the child and to all the parents out there. The most joyful part of being a parent is about having a child. This song is all about a child who rebelled his/her mother by engaging into vices to the point of ruining his/her own […]

Pasipsip Naman – Abaddon Ft. Eman & Third Flo’

Pasipsip Naman is a song about sexual desire of a man to a very beautiful and sexy woman. Apparently, it happens in reality wherein a man in his eyes, mind, and even verbally would appreciate or praise a woman and even wanting to have sexual intercourse towards the woman who attracts them physically. This song […]

Walang – wala – Banda ni Kleggy

Walang-wala is a tricky and funny song. When we sing the first stanza lyrics we will assume that the guy seems to have nothing, financially. But on the latter part of the song, it says that the guy is incomparable compared to any other man because he is very rich and has everything. Albeit, his […]

Let’s Get Rich – SinCity feat. Loonie

Let’s Get Rich is a song about wanting to have money or wanting to get rich because scarcity of money has no pleasure at all but stuck of paying loans, bills, and to name a few. For most people, getting rich means being financially free. Having many bills to pay sucks which sometimes leads people […]

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